SUPP Youth leader reminds DAP Bintangor that actions speak louder than words

Tang Kieh Ming

KUCHING, March 21: Democratic Action Party (DAP) leaders have been told that practical actions, not verbal assurances only, are crucial to help solve the people’s problems.

Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Bintangor branch Youth chief Tang Kieh Ming opined that the DAP, being in the Pakatan Harapan (PH) federal government, should be able to secure funds to solve water supply problems in Meradong, for instance.

“It’s rather puzzling why the DAP does not put that in action? Why they rather choose to put pressure through the media?” he asked in a press statement today.

Tang, who is also SUPP Youth Central deputy chairman, highlighted this to refute recent arguments made by DAP Bintangor branch chairman Ting Yii Hiep over the Cempedak water filtration station in Bintangor.

Ting had shared that the federal Ministry of Rural and Regional Development during the reign of the Barisan Nasional (BN) had a project costing RM102.5 million in the Sarikei constituency, which included upgrading the water source equipment and installing new water pipes.

However, Tang emphasised that it was the federal government’s responsibility to improve facilities and infrastructures to better the lives of the people since the people in Meradong district also pay taxes.

“Why should we demand what’s rightful to us? I am puzzled. Why should Sarawakians need to whisper to the federal when it comes to seeking funds to better the lives of the people? Is this an act to deny the rights of Sarawak?” he asked.

On the assurance that DAP had communicated with the relevant parties, Tang requested for updates.

“When it comes to people’s problems, if we merely do verbal communication but without any actions, then how can we really solve the problem?

“If communication alone brings no progress or result, did DAP elected representatives make an effort to find solutions, including getting funds from the federal government, to improve the water supply facility that the people rightly deserved?” he asked.

He then challenged DAP Bintangor to reveal facts and figures relating to water supply projects in Meradong as the people had been living with water woes.

Tang advised DAP Bintangor not to evade responsibility of the Meradong water supply issue or deliberately blow up the issue and use the people’s dissatisfaction to shift all their responsibilities to the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government. — DayakDaily