SUPP Dudong chief advocates for Sarawak Cancer Centre in Sibu

Wong Ching Yong

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KUCHING, June 10: Recognising the long-standing need for cancer medical facilities in central Sarawak and with Kuching already having a well-established heart centre, Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Dudong Branch chief Wong Ching Yong has called for the establishment of the Sarawak Cancer Centre in Sibu.

This came after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s recent approval of an allocation of RM305 million to construct the cancer centre in Sarawak.

Wong commended party president and Deputy Premier Dato Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian for seizing the opportunity during the Prime Minister’s visit to Sarawak on June 7 and successfully persuading him to allocate substantial funds to construct the cancer centre.

“If, in the end, the Sarawak Cancer Centre is still established in Kuching, I hope that this allocation from the Federal government can be allocated in part to Sibu so that at least a satellite cancer centre can be built to provide some level of treatment for patients,” he said in a statement today.

Wong emphasised that the absence of these essential medical facilities forces patients and their families to endure additional burdens and travel long distances for treatment.

He also expressed disappointment with Democratic Action Pary (DAP) members of Parliament (MPs) Alice Lau and Oscar Ling for their lack of substantial efforts in addressing critical issues affecting the welfare of the people in Sibu.

Despite being re-elected as MP for over six months, he criticised that their tenure and status as ruling party members have not resulted in significant accomplishments or resolutions to long-standing problems.

While he acknowledged Ling’s contribution of RM500,000 twice for the expansion of the Sibu Hospital car park, Wong considered the allocation “merely a drop in the ocean”.

“As an MP for over a decade, he should bring about permanent solutions that truly satisfy the support of the voters (received) in general elections,” he said.

Furthermore, he added that the people of Lanang constituency would prefer to see Lau focusing more on beneficial plans for the people, particularly when addressing Federal government-related issues, rather than “promoting longevity noodles”.

“Take the Sibu Airport Road, under the Federal government’s jurisdiction, as an example. Despite receiving RM140,000 monthly for maintenance, the road conditions are still unsatisfactory.

“Shouldn’t these two DAP MPs demonstrate to the people how they will bring about improvements in the shortest possible time?” he questioned.

Wong reminded that elected representatives have a duty to provide proper medical facilities to the people and expressed his commitment to building the heart and cancer centres in Sibu.

Despite not being elected as an MP, he vowed to continue striving, especially to develop these life-saving facilities.

“I remember during the election period when I proposed the plans for these two medical centres; many people unanimously agreed that the people of Sibu had waited for far too long and expressed disappointment that the incumbent MPs for over ten years had not brought about such important projects.”

Wong’s determination to improve healthcare facilities in Sibu remains unwavering as long as he holds positions of responsibility in SRDC and as Chairman of SUPP Dudong Branch.

“I will continue to strive to improve the healthcare facilities in Sibutirelessly as long as I am still the deputy chairman of SRDC (Sibu Rural District Council) and SUPP Dudong Branch chairman,” he vowed. — DayakDaily