Summitting salaryman: Japanese hiker in full suit scales Mt Kinabalu, goes viral online

Sada poses at the summit of Mount Kinabalu, dressed in a business suit. Photo credit: Nobutaka Sada's Facebook page

KUCHING, March 24: A Japanese man wearing a business suit has successfully hiked up Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in Malaysia.

According to a national online news portal report yesterday, the sharp-dressed hiker, identified as Nobutaka Sada, a tailor from Japan, was spotted hiking up the mountain dressed in a blue suit and brown leather shoes.

Sada, who hails from Tokyo, has an adventurous streak as his Facebook page reveals that he frequently does outdoor activities dressed in a full, custom tailored suit made by himself, climbing out snowclad mountains with skis and even going deep-sea diving in them.

According to a post on his Facebook page, where he poses at the peak of Mount Kinabalu while proudly flashing a thumbs-up, he did the climb as a way of taking the marketing and advertising strategy for his business to another new level.

“When he asked by a porter on what he is doing at Mount Kinabalu, he jokingly replied that he was attending a business meeting,” he was quoted as saying by the news report.

Mr Sada also posted that while at the immigration counter of the Kota Kinabalu Airport, someone had even approached him to ask whether he had climbed Mount Kinabalu in a suit, as he had seen someone that looked like him on social media.

He said that a member of the public told him that a local porter who had climbed the mountain had taken a video of him in a blue business suit and posted it on Tik-Tok.

“I saw the video taken by the porter and it gave me a little buzz,” he said. — DayakDaily