Story of elderly woman scammed of RM200,000 goes viral in Sibu

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By Brandon Wong

Sibu, March 16: A voice recording has gone viral about an incident where a 70-year-old woman was purportedly conned of RM200,000 in a scam involving Chinese nationals.

It is understood that the victim had lodged a police report of the scam.

The story making the rounds has it that the septuagenarian was approached by two women allegedly from China in front of her house at Brooke Drive here yesterday morning (March 15).

These two strangers pretended to be anxiously looking for a traditional doctor in the neighbourhood and sought the victim’s help. One thing led to another and the three of them later met the “granddaughter” of the “doctor”.

The granddaughter then told the victim that her (septuagenarian) son would die at 5 pm that day unless the “doctor” performs a special ritual for her.

Scared stiff, the victim did what she was told — hand over cash (in Ringgit and Singapore Dollars) and jewellery worth a total of RM200,000 for the ritual. The money and jewellery were placed inside a black plastic bag.

However, when she brought the plastic bag home after the ritual, she discovered that the valuables were all gone. The bag was filled with instant noodles, salt, sugar and pudding, instead.

It was only then that she realised she had been conned. — DayakDaily