Start your day with “The Big Fat Indian Breakfast” at The King’s Curry

Egg Bhurji and Masala Chicken Sausage set
The Egg Bhurji and Masala Chicken Sausage set is guaranteed to satisfy any appetite.

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Waking up every morning to dry toast, cereal in cold milk, pasty instant noodles or perhaps cardboard-tasting oats?

Tired of having the same old breakfast?

How about waking up to a hot plate of freshly made and cooked Aloo Paratha with chicken or Egg Bhurji and Masala Chicken Sausage?

Give The King’s Curry a try and check out their “Big Fat Indian Breakfast’!

Aloo Paratha
The Aloo Paratha at The King’s Curry is worth waking up early for.

Proprietor Karishma Asnani pointed out that Indian food tops the charts not just in taste, but also nutrition.

“In fact, before turning to the popular food trends of the West, we should turn inwards to find tonnes of wholesome and healthy preparations of our own. The likes of it are true of our breakfasts as well.

“Here at The King’s Curry, we have worked out a sensational breakfast menu that will guarantee you a balance of nutrition with Indian flavours.

“One of our ‘Big Fat Indian Breakfast’ sets is Aloo Paratha or Aloo Paratha with chicken. This famous and popular breakfast dish from North India is a wholewheat flatbread stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes and/or chicken. It is usually enjoyed with dhal or fresh homemade yoghurt,” Karishma said, adding that Aloo paratha is hands down one of the most loved breakfast or brunch dishes in Indian households.

The thosai at The King’s Curry is a tasty and filling breakfast option.
Roti Canai
Soft, fluffy roti canai from The King’s Curry is a great way to start any day.

Another signature breakfast set offered at The King’s Curry is the Egg Bhurji and Masala Chicken Sausage, which offers an Indian twist to the Western breakfast staple of scrambled eggs and sausages, and packed with lots of flavour.

For those who prefer more traditional breakfasts, the restaurant also has delicious Poori with Aloo Sabhzi and Dhal.

The King’s Curry also serves mind-boggling varieties of roti canai, murtabak and thosai guaranteed to please all manners of tastebuds.

The ‘Big Fat Indian Breakfast’ is available from 7.30am to 10am daily.

The ‘Big Fat Indian Breakfast’ at The King’s Curry is available from 7.30am to 10am daily.

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out The King’s Curry signature bestselling Cheezy Naan, fresh from the oven from 9am onwards.

The King’s Curry is located at Jalan Rumbia, 93100 Kuching. They can be contacted at 082-255 416.

A good breakfast can make or break a person’s day because it fuels the body and helps to energise a person for the rest of the day.

Do come and eat like a king at King’s Curry at the start of the day! — DayakDaily