Star urges authorities to take action against suspicious foreigners

Soo stressing a point during the press conference at a hotel in Kuching today (March 11, 2019)

By Peter Sibon

KUCHING, March 11: State Reform Party (Star) wants the relevant authorities to come down hard on suspicious foreigners in Sarawak following the discovery of terrorism suspects in Serian.

Star president Lino Soo also wanted answers as to why three terrorism suspects have been found in Serian.

“We want the authorities to check on the suspicious foreigners who are in Sarawak especially in all the small towns. The threat is very real, the presence of these foreigners. Some of them may be terrorist operatives and they could turn Sarawak into a base to launch attacks in another country or in Malaysia or even in Sarawak.

“I want to ask our government what is happening in Sarawak that alleged terrorists are making ‘camp’ here. Where are they coming from and what are they doing here in Sarawak? Is there anybody supporting them or harbouring them? Obviously, our borders have been compromised.

“How could our police and immigration have overlooked their entry into Sarawak? So, we are asking for answers from our government because our security has been breached and we cannot allow this threat to take root,” Soo told a news conference at a hotel here today.

She added that some of her associates have lodged a police report for immediate action against these suspicious foreigners.

She said it was alarming to note that these foreigners are allegedly even marrying Sarawakians to obtain spouse visas and the growing presence of foreigners in Bau and other small towns.

It was reported that the police nabbed three terror suspects linked to Ansar Al-Shariah Al Tunisia in Serian yesterday.

Ansar Al-Shariah Al Tunisia has been listed as a terrorist group by the United Nations, Tunisia, UAE, Britain and the United States. — DayakDaily