Sri Aman chief quits Sarawak DAP, cites party ‘not for rural folks’

Leon Jimat Donald (file pic)

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, Jan 25: Sarawak Democratic Action Party (DAP) Sri Aman chief Leon Jimat Donald will be taking a short break from politics after resigning from the party which he deems “not for rural folks”.

Leon submitted his resignation on Jan 12 and quit DAP’s Sri Aman branch which has nearly 300 registered members.

“I am of the view that DAP is not the party for rural folks,” said Leon who listed it as the first reason for his departure from Sarawak DAP.

The second reason was that Sarawak DAP which is part of PH Sarawak “did not have real autonomy as could be seen during the PH administration”, apart from his perception that PH Sarawak “had no clear policy for citizens living in the rural areas”.

“The composition of members in DAP leaves a lot to be desired. We can see this even during the last State committee where the top posts are dominated by one race. Even the SUPP (Sarawak United Peoples’ Party) deputy president is native,” said Leon, when explaining to DayakDaily the reasons for his departure from Sarawak DAP.

Acknowledging that Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) is doing much better at fighting for Sarawak’s autonomy and rights, Leon said he will be taking a short break from politics while concentrating on non-governmental organisation (NGO) activities.

For the time being, he is not involved with any political parties. However, he will cross the bridge when he comes to it.

Leon who is the son of former MP Jimmy Donald said after resigning from Sarawak DAP, he will be focussing on two NGOs, namely Persatuan Komuniti Sino-Dayak Sri Aman and Biro Amal & Kesihatan Komuniti Sri Aman, apart from serving the people of Sri Aman in whatever capacity he can give. — DayakDaily