Six of nine ferry victims to be buried in Kg Hulu cemetery in Sri Aman

Ferry users and crews spring into action to retrieve passengers from the waters yesterday.

SIBU, Jan 2: Six of the nine persons who died in the Triso Ferry incident will be buried at Kampung Hulu graveyard in Sri Aman.

Sri Aman district police chief, DSP Bangkok John said after a post mortem was done at the Sri Aman Hospital, family members of the six could claim the body for burial.

“If the post mortem could be completed by today, they can immediately do the necessary arrangement for the funeral,” he said.

The six are Siti Aishah Abdullah, 36 and her five children, Mohd Aiman Mohd Hamdan,7, Mohd Ahmad Mohd Hamdan, 4, Muhd. Mustaqin Mohd Hamdan, 5, Khairunnisa Muhamad, 14 and Nor Shuhada Muhamad,16.

As for the other three of the driver of the four-wheel drive, Ronany and her two children Wallace Phang, 7, Alvin Phang, 12, he said family members had informed the police that they would be cremated and their ashes interred at Nirvana Memorial Park in Sibu.

Both Siti Aishah and Ronany are sisters but the former had converted to Islam.

On the cause of the incident, he said the driver had lost control of the vehicle resulting in the vehicle plunging into the water of the Batang Lupar river in Sebuyau on Friday (Jan 2).

He said at the time of the incident, there were several vehicles at the Triso Ferry ramp queueing up for the ferry to arrive.

“There were several vehicles waiting at the ferry ramp. When the four-wheel drive arrived, the driver, Ronany Ting,33, for some apparent reason lost control of the vehicle and it plunged into the water,” he said.

He added that it could be due to technical failure of the vehicle while the vehicle was also overloaded with passengers.

“We are however still investigating the case from all possible angles,” he said.

The dead, comprised five males and four females, of which two of them were adults while the rest were children aged between four months to 16.

DSP Bingkok said his station received a distress call from its Maludam Post at about 3.21pm concerning a four-wheel-drive which plunged into the water at the ferry ramp.

From police investigation, it was revealed that prior to the incident, the four-wheel-drive was on its way from Kapit to Kuching using Jalan Maludam

DSP Bingkok added that all nine victims were unconscious when they were brought out from the vehicle by members of the public. – DayakDaily