PKR Kuching urges civil servants to improve services following PM’s announcement of 13 per cent pay rise

Dominique Ng

By DayakDaily Team

KUCHING, May 1: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Kuching chief Dominique Ng welcomes the announcement made by Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim on a pay rise of over 13 per cent for all government servants effective Dec 24.

In a statement, Ng said that the announcement which coincides with Labour Day and a public holiday in Malaysia, should bring double joy to all public servants in Malaysia.


He said it is a sign of the federal government’s recognition of the important role of government servants who are also humble wage earners employed in the public service of the people.

“I hope that all federal government servants, especially those in Sarawak, with this rather substantial increase in their salaries, will take this opportunity to improve their services to the people of Sarawak,” he elaborated.

He gave the reminder that the people of Sarawak require that federal government and departmental officials especially those who hold high and important positions in the federal departments and agencies in Sarawak be more proactive in carrying out their duties and responsibilities which would meet the rising expectations of the public in Sarawak.

Ng who is also a social activist and human rights lawyer called upon all federal government servants to buck up their work attitudes and strive hard to remove the low or negative image that the public, especially the common people of Sarawak, usually have of them.

He also noted that the Sarawak civil service is undergoing a transformation in response to rapid development and changing circumstances to increase trust and confidence towards the Sarawak government.

“The federal civil service in Sarawak must be able to similarly rise to the occasion to increase trust and confidence towards the federal government,” he added. — DayakDaily