Six CCTV units to be installed at Arang Road as trial run to monitor crime, illegal dumping activities

Lo (right) listening to two Jalan Stapok Utara residents' feedback on how to deal with the illegal dumping menace during a site inspection today (April 20, 2021).

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, April 20: MPP is installing six closed circuit television (CCTV) units at Arang Road as part of a trial run to monitor crime and illegal dumping activities.

Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) chairman Lo Khere Chiang disclosed that the council is installing the CCTVs as part of measures to make the city a safer and cleaner place to live in.

“At this moment, I am installing CCTVs at Arang Road area as a trial run. In fact there are six there across the Arang Road area.

“I have been trying to send the information to a source and also trying to send it to the Batu Kawah police station where there is a screen there and receiving and recording stations there,” he told reporters after inspecting an illegal dumping site at Jalan Stapok Utara here today.

He added the state government will also be installing more CCTVs throughout the city to monitor crime and illegal dumping activities.

Lo said the state government is transforming Kuching into a smart and safer city for the community over the next few years.

“The State (government) is going to install a lot of CCTVs. It will take time for the Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) to get all these done,” he added.

Lo (front, yellow shirt) inspecting the illegal dump site at Jalan Stapok Utara today (April 20, 2021) with residents and MPP officers.

Meanwhile, the site inspection was conducted following complaints by residents of Jalan Stapok Utara who noticed that an area near their housing estate was being used as an illegal dumping site and creating an eyesore for the
local community.

Lo said the residents of Jalan Stapok Utara have also suggested CCTVs, barriers, and police and council signboards be installed at the illegal dumping site to deter culprits from dumping rubbish there.

On another note, Lo noted while the council imposes fines on individuals who dump rubbish illegally, imposing fines will not deter culprits from dumping rubbish or waste illegally as the culprits are willing to pay the fine and are not ashamed of their actions.

Therefore, he proposed that the State government penalise culprits who dumped rubbish illegally by requiring them to do community service.

He believed community service could teach the culprits a lesson while educating them on the need for a clean environment.

Lo added MPP will work closely with the community to tackle the illegal dumping issue. He also encouraged the community to be responsible and work with the council to solve the illegal dumping issue.

He sad as the illegal dumping situation at various sites are different, different approaches are needed to deal with the issue. — DayakDaily