Simunjan police told not to compromise with drugs, illegal activities

Merbin (centre) presenting the excellence service award certificate to one of the recipient.

SERIAN, Nov 15: Simunjan district police chief DSP Merbin Lisa has told his officers not to compromise with individuals involved in illegal activities especially drugs-related.

He said IPD Simunjan must provide the best services to the communities in order to reduce the crime index.

“I would like to remind the Simunjan IPD members that there should be no compromise in matters involving drugs, crimes, as well as discipline.

“IPD Simunjan members must also continue to maintain the good image, integrity and dignity of the police force, as a civil servant, as mandated by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) in his ‘Delivery Service’ text to the people,” Merbin said in his speech during the Simunjan IPD monthly assembly here yesterday.

The Simunjan OCPD added that he would draw up programmes between the police and the local communities, local authorities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to seek input and cooperation for a “win-win” situation.

He reminded IPD Simunjan members to also emphasised on occupational safety at the work place and maintain cleanliness. All case items must be fully organised and processed in a timely manner.

The monthly assembly was attended by a 79 police personnel and  public officers from IPD Simunjan. — DayakDaily