Sibu-Kuching road trip takes 7hrs, long queues at ferry crossings

Long queue at the Rambungan Ferry Point on Dec 22. 

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, Dec 22: The ferry crossings at Kuala Lassa, Batang Lupar, as well as Batang Rambungan, experienced long queues today.

Housewife Janice Ngu, 38, who was travelling from Sibu to Kuching today, was a picture of frustration due to the long wait at the Kuala Lassa ferry crossing and Batang Lupar ferry crossing.

“On our previous trips, we didn’t have to wait for long. Today, I don’t know why. At each crossing, we have to wait for more than one hour each,” she fumed.

Long queue at the Batang Lupar Ferry Point as at 4.40pm today (Dec 22).
Traffic heading towards the ferry point at Batang Lupar.

Ngu travels from Sibu to Kuching twice annually, once during Hari Gawai and once during Christmas to return to her husband’s village.

“We used to use the Pan Borneo Highway, but ever since the upgrading works started, the roads are very unsafe to travel.

“So, we use an alternative route of the coastal road. It was smooth driving before; but this Christmas, we don’t know why, we have to wait for so long at both ferry points,” complained Ngu.

She narrated that her family set off from Sibu at 7am and managed to reach Kuching only at 2pm.

“When we reached the Kuala Lassa ferry crossing, there was a queue of about a kilometre long. When we reached the Batang Lupar ferry crossing, the queue was even longer.

“It is really inconvenient now to travel between Sibu and Kuching. We have to go slow along the Pan Borneo Highway due to the bad road condition.

“But when we used the alternative route, we have to bear with the long hours of waiting at the ferry points. Both turned out to be an exercise in frustration,” she said.

Long queue at the Rambungan Ferry Point today (Dec 22)

Hence, she called on the government to build bridges at the two ferry points.

“I remember we used to wait for ferries at Batang Sadong and Batang Samarahan before. Now, with the bridges, it is so convenient. We hope the same thing can happen at the current two ferry points,” said Ngu.

Meanwhile, there is also report that a long queue also occurred at Rambungan Ferry Point today. — DayakDaily