Sg Putong, Bui Panjang longhouses under immediate lockdown

Lapan rumah panjang di Sibu dikenakan kawalan pergerakan 14 hari mulai hari ini (9 Jan, 2021).

SIMANGGANG, Jan 7: Two longhouses in Sg Putong and Bui Panjang near here had been placed under lockdown with immediate effect for at least two weeks following a Covid-19 case detected yesterday (Jan 6).

The residents are not be allowed to leave the two longhouses nor outsiders are allowed to enter.

Acting Sri Aman Resident Elvis Didit, in a statement today informed that the lockdown order was imposed following a positive case reported at Sg Putong longhouse in Ulu Undop.

“Placing the two longhouses under lockdown is more convenient than having to transfer the residents to a quarantine centre in Simanggang or Lubok Antu due to logistic difficulties.

“In line with the lockdown order, I have requested KPD Sri Aman and KPD Lubok Antu to deploy a team respectively to monitor the longhouses to ensure no movement in and out of the longhouses for the time being,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 positive patient had visited the Sri Aman clinic yesterday after suffering from a cough that lasted for two weeks. The swab test result returned positive on the same day.

Despite that, the patient had returned to the longhouse in Bui Panjai near Lubok Antu yesterday (Jan 6).

Elvis added that the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has been informed about this matter during its daily meeting today.

“At the same time, the Welfare Department will take immediate action to deliver food to the two longhouses as well as for other staff on duty there.

“It is also learnt that the healthcare team are on the way to the longhouses,” he said.

Sri Aman Division Health Department had also been informed to immediately conduct contact tracing and Covid-19 screening for all the residents. — DayakDaily