Several township located along Batang Rejang river hit by flood

Flood at Rh Kulleh Sg Embuau, Song

By Nancy Nais

KUCHING, Feb 2: Several township located along Batang Rejang river such as Kapit, Song and Kanowit were hit by flood this morning.

Brought about by incessant heavy rainfalls in recent days, the water level along the Batang Rajang River have risen rapidly, causing low-lying areas to be inundated in water.

In Kapit, Fire and Rescue department (Bomba) fire station chief PPgB Erwandy Tugor disclosed that the affected residential areas were Kampung Muhibbah, up to 0.2 meter and Kampung Baru, up to one meter high, both with an increasing trend as at 12 noon.

Flood at Kampung Baru, Kapit

“At Rh John Ramba, water has risen up to 0.5 meter as at 8.45am and slowly increasing. As at 4.30pm, there was no evacuation of flood victims in Kapit,” Erwandy said.

Floods have also hit Song and Kanowit.

Flood at Rh Kulleh Sg Embuau, Song

Over in Song, fire station chief PPgB Rashid Songli said two schools Sk. Nanga Temalat and SK Nanga Beguang; and Rh. Kulleh in Sg. Embuau were inundated about a foot of water as at noon today.

“Water level at Song express boat terminal and Rh. Erung in Sg. Sebuluh are increasing. We are monitoring these flood risk areas. Although the river water is rising, some areas are still under controlled and in safe condition,” Rashid said.

In Kanowit, fire station chief PPgB Arahman Chik disclosed that several roads were inundated following incessant rain, causing them to be impassable by light vehicles.

Jalan Lukut/Penyulau in Kanowit inundated following incessant rain

“The affected roads were Jalan Lukut/Penyulau with water level at three metres high, while the water level at Jalan Rantau Kemiding is at one metre high at 9am. Water level at Jalan Angkong was at 0.5 metre but it is still passable by all vehicles.

“Although the water level is slowly rising, we have yet to be called upon to carry out any evacuation of flood victims,” Arrahman said, adding that monitoring will be carried out from time to time.

Meanwhile, according to as at 5.30pm, water level at Kapit town (14.64m) and Kapit New Headworks (14.80m) has breached warning level and communities around the vicinity were advised to be cautious.

Nanga Sebatu has reached alert level of 11.96m while Song B has reached 10.88m and communities there were advised to be alert at all times.

Three stations recorded under danger level are Sungai Salim B (3.13m), Lebaan (5.43m) and Kanowit town (5.74m) and communities living in those areas were told to be extremely cautious. — DayakDaily