Section 6 of Sarawak Land Code ensures more efficient survey under Section 18 — Gerawat

Dato Gerawat Gala

KUCHING, Aug 27:  Citing statistics, Mulu assemblyman Dato Gerawat Gala reiterates that perimeter survey on native customary rights (NCR) land under Section 18 of Sarawak Land Code will be more efficient and faster after survey is done under Section 6 first.

“A comparison of the total acreage surveyed direct under Section 18 (without going through Section 6) of 260,000 hectares (ha) in 50 years which is at the rate of 5,200 ha per year; and the acreage surveyed under Section 6 (910,000 ha in nine years which is at the rate of 101,000 ha per year) resulting in 29,558 Section18 titles issued over 90,273 ha — obviously show that it is much more efficient and faster to get the Section 18 titles over NCR land by going through Section 6 survey. 

“Only those ill advised or those with other unknown motives will object to this more efficient process of securing Section18 titles by going through Section 6 survey, as proven by the Land and Survey statistics quoted,” said Gerawat in a press statement today.

He stressed the Section 6 survey prior to issue of Section 18 titles is not a waste of time and resources as alleged by Bakelalan assemblyman Baru Bian.   

“From the Land and Survey statistics mentioned above, showing the comparison between direct survey and issue of Section 18 title and going through Section 6 survey, it is not a waste of time and actually more efficient and faster to go through the Section 6 process,” stressed Gerawat who is also Deputy Sarawak Assembly Speaker.

He said as it has been explained myriad of times in the past that Section 6 survey is to determine and demarcate the boundary between NCR land and State land. Once Section 6 survey is done and gazetted, there is official documentary recognition and proof of the NCR status of the land.

“This will provide security and protection for NCR owners even before Section 18 title is issued. Allegations by detractors of Section 6 survey that NCR land surveyed under Section 6 will be lost as it will become State land after such survey is completely unfounded.”

He opined that the thousands of Section 18 titles issued in respect of NCR after Section 6 survey, including the Section 18 titles issued to Baru and members of his family in Trusan Land District, is conclusive proof that NCR land surveyed and gazetted under Section 6 does not loose its status as NCR land and become State land. 

“If such NCR can become State land as alleged, the Land and Survey (Department) cannot issue Section 18 title because title to alienated State land can only be issued under Section13.  Section 18 title can only be issued for NCR land but not State land.

“It’s time for YB Baru and those opposed to Section 6 survey to stop misleading the people about Section 6 survey. Many NCR land owners want and deserve to get Section 18 title to their NCR land. 

“Do not deny them their rights and opportunity to have Section 18 title to their land by continuing to object and mislead them on Section 6 survey,” said Gerawat.

Uggah had on Wednesday unveiled the fact that Baru and his family had benefited from Section 6 and Section 18, where the latter’ land was surveyed and individual titles duly received.

In response to Uggah, Baru who has been advocating perimeter survey to be carried out directly under Section 18, came out with a statement, stressing that he did not apply for his and his family land to be surveyed under Section 6 and it is his rights to his NCR land. — DayakDaily