Search for missing man suspended till new leads are found

The search for the missing man was temporarily suspended today.

SONG, Dec 2: On Nov 28, Tunu Kudi, 59, took his boat to go out at about 10am to buy food ration and other necessities.

He never came back home and five days later, rescuers are still looking for him.

Tunu, is feared drowned after he was believed to have fallen from his boat in Sungai Katibas.

Family members and villagers who took the earlier initiative to look for him only found his boat drifting near the Katibas river bridge.

Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) operations center in a statement said they received the emergency call from the Song police station on Nov 29 after a missing person report was lodged by the victim’s son.

Search and rescue (SAR) operation led by Song fire station chief PPgB Rashid Songli together with police and villagers for Tunu was immediately launched, concentrating around the area where the drifting boat was found.

Today, rescuers including police and villagers conducted a 10km radius surface water search from Kampung Rian to Sungai Katibas estuary up to Ngemah market next to Sungai Batang Rejang.

At 4pm, a discussion was held among family members and all SAR personnel, whereby it was mutually agreed upon that the operations will stop due to zero new clues.

However, rescuers remained on standby to initiate SAR if there are new clues or information received.- DayakDaily