SDMC urged to allow gyms and studios to operate

Members of Solid Gym's zoomba group in a photo pre-Covid-19 pandemic time.

SIBU, Sept 27: Sarawak Disaster Management Committee has been urged to allow gyms and studios in the State to operate their dance classes like zumba, yoga, aeromix and Tabata.

Solid Gym proprietor Lau Kah Yii in a statement today said it is about time for them to reopen as they have been closed for far too long.

Moreover, such facilities in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah have already reopened.


“Dance instructors in Sarawak are numbered in the hundreds. Some are in it as a hobby, many others are earning side income while a good number of others are taking it as their means of livelihood,” he said.

Lau added that as these classes are still not allowed to operate, some of the instructors have been venting their anger on the gym/studio operators.

“We hope the State government will allow all gyms/studios in Sarawak to reopen. In the spirit of caring for each other, we can safely ensure mutual benefits,” he added.

Lau felt that the Covid-19 virus is here to stay despite the inclusive effort of the government plus the cooperation of all quarters to contain it.

“All signs are showing an inevitability of living with the virus for the rest of our lives under the new normal.
The government has done its utmost, and the various industries and businesses have complemented the government’s efforts, and suffered much. Some are struggling to survive.

“It is high time now that we adopt a new approach to ensure the best for everyone. In the spirit of ‘You Help Me, I Help You’, we have no better option than to open up under the new normal of living with the virus,” he said.

Touching on his gym, Lau said they had taken the initiative to close at the peak of the pandemic on January 9 this year.

“We have now decided to reopen under the strictest standard operating procedures (SOP), like limiting the number of participants and allowing only those who have completed two doses of vaccine,” he said. – DayakDaily