Sarawak strongwoman deadlifts car to raise funds to compete in world championship

Husnul Khatimah deadlifts the car in front of a cheering crowd of supporters.

KUCHING, April 15: Not anyone can deadlift at least half a car but 39-year-old Husnul Khatimah Wajidi proved the fairer sex was up to the challenge, after not only accomplishing the feat once, but 27 times in under one minute.

In an effort to raise funds to participate in the upcoming Static Monsters World Championship in Gold Coast, Australia on May 20, Husnul Khatimah showcased her strength in front of a crowd of about a hundred at Sarawak Plaza here this afternoon.

If she makes it to the championship, she would be the first Malaysian woman to participate in it, being an athlete registered under Sarawak Extreme Sports Association (SESA).

She qualified for the championship after participating in a qualifying event in October last year in the Under 72kg bodyweight category.

“The car weighs about 1,200kg. With the axle bar installed under the car as a rig for me to deadlift it, I’m lifting about 15 per cent of the car’s weight,” Husnul Khatimah told reporters after her attempt.

She said she started lifting weights some five years ago out of curiosity. As time went by, she became addicted to it and continued to train and lift progressively heavier weights.

Husnul Khatimah thanks her supporters and sponsors, and hopes that her fans can contribute to her crowdfunding campaign.

“Lifting weights is a good way for me to express my emotion,” Husnul Khatimah said when asked why she loved the sport.

She said currently her maximum deadlift was 160kg, and she has set the target of 180kg for the coming championship.

“It is an opportunity for me to get ranked among the top athletes worldwide which has always been my dream and I am truly grateful that Sarawak Plaza has offered to host this crowdfunding event,” said Husnul Khatimah.

She was even still able to deadlift the car several times more after the interview for photo-ops with fans and for the media.

Possessing a Level 1 Certificate in Cross Fit after having taken the sport up five years ago, Husnul Khatimah also competes in other fitness events and powerlifting but has recently focused more on the strongwoman discipline.

In her attempt to raise funds to finance her trip, the single mother, who also runs a small business, has started an online crowdfunding campaign which aims to raise USD2,500, at — DayakDaily