Motorsports enthusiasts urged to be patient as race track application is being processed

Fadillah (standing, third right) in a group photo-call with one of the participating teams at Sarawak Motorsports Carnival 2018 at Metro City, Matang, Kuching.

KUCHING, April 15: Motorsports enthusiasts are urged to be patient as the state government is still in the process of identifying a suitable location for the proposed race track for motorsports in the state.

Works Minister Dato Sri Fadillah Yusof said an application to build a race track or a racing circuit was forwarded to the state government last year, and it would take time to identify a suitable location for the facility.

“We will continue to follow up on this and will push for it,” he told reporters after officiating at the Sarawak Motorsports Carnival 2018 at Metro City, Matang here earlier this afternoon.

Fadillah acknowledged the increasing interest in motorsports in the state as whenever drag racing competitions are held, like at the Carnival, support was overwhelming not only from participants in Kuching but also from other places in the state as well as from the Peninsula.

“This means interest in this sport is obviously increasing. I think it is important that we develop this sport because not only can we accomodate all the enthusiasts in Sarawak, but also by holding events like this carnival or organising drag racing events, we can draw in visitors into the state and thus develop our tourism industry as well,” he said.

Fadillah (right) watches a motorcycle drag race at Sarawak Motorsports Carnival 2018 at Metro City, Matang, Kuching.

Fadillah said developing the sport does not only mean to groom good racers or motorcycle riders, but also talents in building racing machines and organising motorsports events.

He said youngsters with an interest in this sport could also make a name for themselves not just by being famous racers or riders but also being part of the technical team building race machines.

“You can also be involved in motorsports through education. You can sign up for engineering courses or vocational training in the automotive industry, and help build fast race machines.

“There are many ways you can be involved in motorsports. Not only would this give you income and improve your livelihood, but you will also contribute to the country’s economy as well as your motorsports associations and teams,” said Fadillah.

He also advised motorsports enthusiasts to not race illegally on public roads as this would endanger not only their lives but also the lives of other road users.

Mohd Sofian Faris Sharbini

Earlier, carnival organiser Petra Jaya Motorsports Dragrace Club Sarawak (DCS) chairman Mohd Sofian Faris Sharbini urged Fadillah to hasten the Sarawak race track application process as it was not suitable to organise motorsports events with drag racing competitions on commercial areas.

“At least build a proper drag strip first to start if the cost to build a complete circuit is a factor,” he said. — DayakDaily