Sarawak sees 62 new Covid-19 cases, two-thirds linked to Pasai Cluster

Covid-19 statistics for Sarawak as at January 17, 2020. Source: State Health Department and Sarawak Public Communications Unit (Ukas)

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, Jan 17: Sarawak registered 62 new Covid-19 cases with the majority derived from the Pasai Cluster today.

The State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) in a press statement today said there was an increase of 43 cases linked to the Pasai Cluster.

The breakdown for new cases in this cluster revealed 34 cases in Sibu, two in Beluru, two in Julau, one in Meradong, one in Dalat, one in Bintulu, one in Kapit and one in Belaga.

By district, Sibu reported 43 new cases, Miri (6), Kuching (3), Julau (2), Meradong (2), Beluru (2), Dalat (1), Bintulu (1), Kapit (1) and Belaga (1).

With the Meradong and Julau districts in Sarikei registering new cases today, SDMC said the two districts are now categorised as Covid-19 yellow zones.

The number of cumulative cases of Covid-19 in Sarawak has increased to 2,111 cases with today’s cases.

Meanwhile, the committee added that there was one new death reported.

It involved a 42-year-old man who was admitted to Miri Hospital on January 13 after he fainted. He passed away the next day (January 14).

The committee noted the patient, case 2,065, tested positive for Covid-19 on January 14 but the case has yet to be classified as a Covid-19 fatality as the patient had diabetes, hypertension and Hepatitis A.

The clinical investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of death and the death toll due to Covid-19 in Sarawak remains at 19 persons.

On another note, the committee said there were seven active clusters of Covid-19 in Sarawak.

They consist of the Bukit Sekubong Cluster in Sebauh, the Jelita Cluster in Miri, the Pasai Cluster in Sibu, the Keranji Tabuan Cluster in Kuching, the Bah Sayap Cluster in Miri, the Stutong Cluster in Kuching and the Mador Cluster in Meradong.

Apart from the Pasai Cluster, the Jelita Cluster and the Bah Sayap Cluster, both in Miri, reported one new case of Covid-19 each.

The were no new casea emerging from the other active clusters in Sarawak.

Meanwhile, SDMC said there were 38 patients who have recovered and were allowed to be discharged from hospitals.

In spite of that, the committee noted there are still 917 patients receiving treatment for Covid-19 at the various hospitals throughout Sarawak.

In particular, it highlighted that there were two patients in Sibu Hospital and one patient in Miri Hospital who were on ventilators support but in stable condition.

SDMC said there were 95 new Person-Under-Investigation (PUI) cases with 36 PUI cases awaiting laboratory test results. — DayakDaily