RM10 fare subsidy for Sibu-Kapit sector express boat passengers this Gawai

File photo for illustration purposes

KUCHING, MAY 25: The state government will subsidize RM10 off express boat fares for passengers who are travelling on Sibu-Kapit sectors for this coming Hari Gawai celebration.

In a press statement today, the Controller of Sarawak Rivers Board said express boat operators plying Sibu and Kapit sectors have requested to increase the fares from RM25 to RM35 for the extra trips during the Gawai celebration.

“However, on May 24, the Sarawak state government has agreed and approved to subsidize the difference in the fare ticket which is RM10 for passengers on board the extra trip express boat,” the controller said.

Passengers especially those who are going back for Gawai only need to pay the normal fare of RM25 per trip for the extra trip provided by the express boat operator from May 25-31, 2018.

According to the statement, the rationale behind these subsidised fares are to reduce and lessen the burden on express boat users and passengers during this Gawai and to overcome manipulation of fare prices by express boat operators.

This is also to improve the security aspects of the terminal and control the number of passengers according to the capacity of the express boats to avoid excess passengers.

With these provision of subsidies, the state government hope it will bring cheer to the rakyat especially the rural folks during the festive season. — DayakDaily