RHB Bank mobile banking services rolling out on July 12 for Asajaya, Sadong Jaya

RHB Bank's mobile banking vehicle.

KUCHING, July 10: RHB Bank will be rolling out its mobile banking services for Asajaya and Sadong Jaya districts on Monday (July 12).

RHB Bank Sarawak Regional Director Mohammad Tony Ong Abdullah said the mobile bank would cover Asajaya on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sadong Jaya on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

He said in a statement today that the operating hours from Monday to Friday would be conducted in two shifts, with the morning shift from 9.15am to 1pm, and the afternoon shift from 2pm to 4.15pm.

On Mondays and Fridays in Asajaya, the mobile bank can be found at the Asajaya town market or the Masjid An Najjah in the morning, and around TKK Mart or the Kpg Tambirat fish market in the afternoon.

On Wednesdays, the locations are switched between the morning and afternoon shifts. The mobile bank will be stationed at Kpg Tambirat or the TKK Mart in the morning, and at the Asajaya town market or Masjid An Najjah in the afternoon.

For Sadong Jaya, residents may look for the RHB Bank vehicle around Sadong Jaya town market in the morning, and at the Sadong Jaya Health Clinic or the nearby food and drink stalls in the afternoon, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Meanwhile, Agrobank Sarawak will also be starting its mobile banking services Monday for the community in Padawan and Tebedu.

Its operating hours are from 10am to 3pm and located at the compounds of the Padawan Sub-district Office, Jalan Jambu-Bayur. — DayakDaily