Rep: Nanga Ngemah Market needs new shop block, parking facilities

Anyi delivers his debate speech during the Motion of Appreciation on TYT's address in the DUN sitting today (May 23, 2022). Photo: Ukas Facebook livestream

By Nur Ashikin Louis

KUCHING, May 23: The dilapidated Nanga Ngemah Market is in dire need of an upgrade, says first-term elected representative Anyi Jana (PRS-Ngemah).

The market, a famous stopover for travellers passing through Nanga Ngemah, located approximately 40km from Kanowit town and 20km from Song town, has been around since the 1950s.

Anyi said the development of basic infrastructures such as roads, clean water, electricity supply, and telecommunication services must be provided to meet the daily needs of the residents who deal in the Nanga Ngemah Market.

“The condition of a row of dilapidated wooden shop blocks needs to be addressed with the proposal to build a new shop block.

“Due to the lack of suitable parking facilities, the entrance to the market can only be accessed one-way during peak hours. This situation becomes critical during school hours, which worries residents in the area,” he said when debating in support of TYT’s address in the Sarawak Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting today.

Anyi further said the location of Nanga Ngemah Market is also seen as suitable for water sports activities such as speed boat competitions and fishing.

Following that, he called on the authorities to consider giving due attention to the express boat jetty area, which has not been used in a while since the existence of Jalan Sibu/Kapit.

“The area can be upgraded as a vehicle parking lot and the construction of a riverbank project or mini esplanade as an attraction for Nanga Ngemah Market.

“The sloping terrain and good soil conditions are suitable for all crops and will surely produce encouraging results. Therefore, this area is suitable for developing the agricultural sector by cultivating Dabai and Durian Musang King plantations.

“Meanwhile, the Lepong Ngemah area, from the mouth of Sungai Ngemah to the Nanga Ngungun Resettlement Scheme area, is suitable for developing caged fish farming,” he added. — DayakDaily