PSB should not ‘mislead’ the public on MRP, TRP pledges — pol-sec

Charles Chad Nissom

KUCHING, March 15: Political secretary to the Chief Minister Charles Chad Nissom alleges Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) is misleading the public by using empty promises.

Charles in a statement noted that PSB has pledged to continue granting Minor Rural Project (MRP) and Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) funds if they win in the coming state election and form the state government, but their victory is not certain.

“Key word is “if it forms” which resonates doubts. A big “if”. What if they are not able to? Then all these pledges are mere nonsense.

“Not until you (have) crossed the bridge, then you can shout from the other side of the river,” he pointed out.

Charles released the statement in response to a recent PSB statement that the party will continue granting MRP and RTP funds if it forms the next state government.

Meanwhile, Charles also questioned whether PSB allocated MRP and RTP funds to the Democratic Action Party (DAP) constituencies during the party’s time in the government previously.

He opined that for now it is best left to GPS the government of the day to deliver what it has done so far.

“You (PSB) are not even there yet. For PSB to win the next state election and form the government is doubtful, so stop talking nonsense unless you plan to mislead the public at large,” he added. — DayakDaily