Provocation, discontent at centre of longhouse brawl, explains longhouse chief

Police. - file pic. // Photo: Pixabay

By Peter Sibon

KUCHING, Apr 15: The brawl at a longhouse in Suai Niah that went viral on social media yesterday was due to provocation and misunderstanding among some members in the 40-door longhouse, revealed Tuai Rumah Birunyai Siang.

“Some of my people have not been on good terms with me for a long time. And the brawl was a result of provocation and misunderstanding among those who are not supportive of me as their tuai rumah,” Brunyai told DayakDaily today.

He explained that the food was delivered to the longhouses on April 4 and he kept them in a multipurpose store located near the longhouse.

“All I asked them to do was come forward and write down their names so that we can verify those who have received the food aid. The verification purposes are required by the district office to make sure that everyone receives the food,” he explained.

Brunyai stated that he did not want to elaborate more as it is now a police case.—DayakDaily