Press conferences, statements is not the same as problem-solving, Yap tells DAP

Wilfred Yap

KUCHING, March 29: Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Kota Sentosa branch today reminded Democratic Action Party (DAP) that holding a press conference or issuing a press statement does not equate to solving problems for the people.

Its chairman Wilfred Yap said instead of just criticising, the opposition should go and serve the people on the ground and ask the right questions in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) since the opposition elected representatives were also receiving monthly salaries from the ruling government.

“As DAP YBs are enjoying a hefty monthly pay check of RM15,000 as ADUN (state assemblymen) and RM16,000 as MPs, DAP YBs are duty-bound to serve and help the people in the constituencies they represent in whatever problems they are facing and most of all securing the development funding to solve all their infrastructure problems without giving excuses or engaging in the blame game.

“I hope DAP YBs are aware that most problems cannot be solved through just calling a press conference or issuing press statements but through following up on the various problems raised with realistic and appropriate actions done to solve the problems.”

Yap pointed out that if problems could be solved just by holding a press conference or issuing a press statement blaming the government, then there would be no need for the people to elect a ‘YB’ to serve a constituency.

“Instead of criticising, finding fault with the government, giving excuses and engaging in a blame game, DAP YBs should go to the ground and start serving the people and ask the right and appropriate questions during state assembly sittings and Parliament sittings for the benefit of the constituents they represent.

“I hope Sarawak DAP MPs and ADUN YBs would refrain from cheap publicity stunts for votes but focus on serving the constituencies that they represent by solving the numerous local community problems and issues and bringing tangible benefits through securing development funding to solve the numerous infrastructure problems currently faced by the voters in the areas they represent to justify the huge salaries and allowances they are currently receiving,” said Yap in a statement today.

On a related matter, Yap expressed disappointment with Kota Sentosa assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen for the latter’s request for SUPP president Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian to account for minor rural project (MRP) and rural transformation project (RTP) fund allocations.

“The request from Chong to Dr Sim is without substance and is also very irresponsible as DAP YBs have already on many occasions in the Sarawak Legislative Assembly been informed that the disbursement of MRP and RTP funds are transparent and closely monitored by State Implementation and Monitoring Unit in the Chief Minister’s Department and follow guidelines by the State Treasury Department.

“The request from Chong is clearly an admission that DAP YBs are not effective as a conduit or channel to the government for securing development funding for the benefit of the constituencies they represent when compared to constituencies represented by Sarawak BN (Barisan Nasional) YBs,” said Yap.

He also reminded Chong who is also Bandar Kuching MP that Chong is also the recipient of RM15,000 monthly as an assemblyman and RM16,000 monthly as an MP, so Chong should “contribute in a positive manner and represent effectively the constituents by raising their concerns to relevant authorities and securing necessary development funding from the government”.

Yap called on Sarawakians not to be distracted and misled by Sarawak DAP but to stand up for Sarawakians’ rights and speak with one united Sarawak voice in the upcoming 14th General Election for the sake of future generations. — DayakDaily