Flood: Man rescued from car stuck in drain along Jln Lukut-Penyulau in Kanowit

Firefighters attempting to rescue a man who was trapped in his vehicle during a flood along Jalan Lukut-Penyulau in Kanowit on June 4, 2024. Photo credit: Sarawak Bomba

By DayakDaily Team

KANOWIT, June 4: A man faced a harrowing experience when he was trapped in his car during a flood along Jalan Lukut-Penyulau in Kanowit.

According to the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) operations centre in a statement today, they received a call on the incident at 2.08am this morning and despatched firefighters from the Kanowit station to the scene.


“Upon arrival at the scene of the incident, it was discovered that a man was trapped in his car, which had fallen into a drain and was trapped by floodwaters.

“The water level was too high for Bomba’s vehicle to pass through, so a call was made to the Kanowit police station for a taller vehicle,” said the statement.

However, when the police arrived with the requested vehicle, their vehicle was unable to brace against the floodwaters as well, prompting personnel to wade 100m through the floodwaters, which reached their waists to reach the victim, who they managed to rescue and bring to a safe place.

“Once Bomba personnel ensured the situation was safe, they went back to the station.” — DayakDaily