PBDS rues little action taken against woman who issued inflammatory remarks in FB

Bobby William

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MIRI, March 20: Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDSB) expressed its disappointment, as no action has been taken against Wan Asshima Kamaruddin despite many police reports lodged against her for threatening and instigating on destroying all Churches and Christians in Malaysia, on a video which she uploaded in her Facebook which is going viral in social media such as WhatsApp.

“Despite the overwhelming evidence found in the video which was uploaded on social media, no action was taken against her but she was merely called to Bukit Aman police headquarters to take down her statement,” said the party’s president Bobby William in a statement.

Wan Asshima Kamaruddin uploaded another video on her Facebook immediately from Bukit Aman, after giving her statement to the police, where she denied that she instigated and provoked others to destroy Churches and Christians in Malaysia.

She allegedly claims that the video and the audio were edited by irresponsible people who wanted to defame or slander her.

“PBDS feels that the video is authentic and not doctored. PBDS questions the inaction of the authorities where no stern action was taken against Wan Asshima which is obviously bias. It was believed that Wan Asshima was released after questioning by the police without even a police bail,” he pointed out.

“PBDS would like to address, the case of Alistair Cogia of Bau, Kuching who was accused of insulting Islam and the police responded immediately by arresting him and was charged in court in record time,” he added.

In view of the seriousness of her instigation against Christians, PBDS feels that this double standard in enforcing the law on offenders will cause more serious problems in the country in future as such trouble makers are allowed to go Scott free without punitive action being imposed on them.

“Instead of progressing forward, PBDS feels that we are sliding back into national disharmony. The fundamental tenet of our nation is that we must respect each other’s faith which has been embodied in the Federal Constitution and this must be respected together with the 5 Pillars of the nation (Rukun Negara),” he pointed out.

There should not be a duality of approach in taking action or a double-standard policy towards our fellow Malaysians that favours a certain ethnic, race or religious group. – DayakDaily