PBB has become pulse of Sarawak’s formation, says sec-gen

Nanta (centre) performing the symbolic gesture to officiate the PBB Youth Gawai Raya celebration in Sibu on June 24, 2023.

KUCHING, June 25: Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) has become the pulse of Sarawak’s formation, says PBB secretary-general Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi.

Nanta said as one of the oldest parties formed in the State, PBB’s strength could not be denied.

“I believe that the devotional service that has been poured out to the people through the leadership of this party will continue to help strengthen PBB’s position as the dominant party in Sarawak for a long time,” he said during a PBB Youth Gawai Raya celebration in Sibu yesterday (June 24).

He said the party members, however, should not be too complacent and take things for granted because of the emergence of various new parties led by the young generation with a more extensive and comprehensive vision and understanding of the political future of this country.

He also said PBB would not only need a paradigm shift from a purely technological perspective but, more importantly, a paradigm shift in the young people’s thinking and intellectuals.

“It is true; without the old, there is no new one. Such is the life of each of us, and life in the ‘political’ arena is no different.

“The old ones show the way and share experiences. The new ones continue the spirit and hold the torch of the struggle for the country and ‘Sarawakku Sayang’,” he added.

Nanta, also Federal Works Minister and Kapit MP, emphasised that today’s young leaders are judged on their charisma, friendliness with the people, and concern or empathy shown to the community and the grassroots level.

“But people nowadays are also looking for young intellectual and intelligent leaders with a clear vision to lead the people and the country towards success.

“I do not deny the contribution of leaders who may not have the opportunity to get an education at a higher level. But I want to emphasise here to young leaders that primitive courage without the support of extensive knowledge cannot give the best results,” he said. — DayakDaily