Pastor Matthew Ling retains Seca chairmanship

Matthew (fourth from right) remains as Seca chairman during the association’s Central Committee elections yesterday (March 2, 2019).

KUCHING, March 3: Pastor Matthew Ling and most of the office bearers of Sarawak Evangelical Christian Association (Seca) retained their posts during the Central Committee’s elections held in conjunction with Seca’s annual general meeting (AGM) yesterday.

During the elections for Central Committee chaired by Nelson Kee, most incumbents were returned uncontested, with only two new faces taking the places of those who chose not to be re-nominated.

The two new faces are committee members Pastor Daron Tan and Pastor James Liau.

Vice-chairman Ling Nee Wen retained his post.

The secretary is Pastor David Ngu, who was previously assistant secretary, while the assistant secretary now is Pastor Abel Vincent, who was previously a committee member.

Pastor Jerry Teoh retained his treasurer’s post together with assistant treasurer Pastor Greman Ujang.

Matthew, in a statement today, expressed his gratitude to all the delegates, especially those who travelled from other parts of the state, for making the effort to attend the AGM.

Formed two years ago, Seca has to date 37 registered members, comprising networks of churches and individual churches.

Matthew stated that it had been a busy time since the last AGM. They toured the major towns of Sarawak for networking, launched the association officially, and joined the other religious bodies in efforts to build a harmonious society.

Seca is committed to serving her members and the community, he assured. — DayakDaily