Pasai stays stubborn with 10 new cases; Univista spreads to Serian

Signboard prohibiting outsiders from entering Pasai Siong.

By Karen Bong

KUCHING, Feb 19: The good news from Pasai Cluster which recorded zero case yesterday was short lived as 10 new Covid-19 cases were detected today with nine in Kapit and one from yesterday was confirmed to be linked to the cluster.

State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) chairman Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas reported that this thus increased the total number of cases in this stubborn cluster to 2,609.

“A total of 35,000 individuals have been screened whereby 31,192 were negative while 199 are still awaiting for lab test results,” he told a press conference on Covid-19 situation update for Sarawak today.

It seemed that more time was needed to drive down the tail and break the infection chain of this notorious cluster which had spread to at least 10 small districts in Sarawak since its outbreak in Dec 29 last year.

Fortunately, the two recently declared Jan Yong and Gelong Clusters in Kapit did not record any new cases today.

However, the Univista Cluster in Samarahan has spread to Serian with one case registered today.

“This thus increased the total number of cases in the cluster to 47 with 200 individuals screened while 10 more are still awaiting test results,” Uggah said.

With two new clusters of Jalan Green in Kuching and Kejatau in Sri Aman being declared today, there are a total of 24 active clusters in Sarawak currently.

The Jalan Green Cluster, which emerged following a Valentine’s Day scuffle, has registered a total of six cases including the two index cases, out of which three cases were detected today while was one case reported yesterday was confirmed to be linked to the cluster today.

A total of 148 individuals have been screened whereby 112 are still awaiting for test results.

The Kejatau Cluster in Sri Aman, which emerged from a government office at Wisma Perseketuan Phase 2 at Jalan Kejatau, registered a total of seven cases including the index case.

Uggah, who is also Deputy Chief Minister, informed that six cases were detected today, out of which five involved colleagues while one was from family member.

“A total of 92 individuals have been screened whereby 79 are still awaiting for test results,” he added.

Other actives clusters that recorded an increase in case today were Jun Heng in Bintulu and Seruas in Beluru.

Jun Heng Cluster added two new cases today to push the cluster tally to 33 whereby 300 individuals have been screened while 24 are still awaiting for test results.

Seruas Cluster registered one case today to increase the cluster tally to 80 whereby 350 individuals have been screened while 24 are still awaiting for test results.

Apart from the two clusters in Kapit, the remaining 16 active clusters did not register any new cases today. They are Geronggang and Mas Merah in Sibu; Indah Riang, Stutong and Kampung Sungai Maong in Kuching; Kidurong Dua in Bintulu; Nanga Lijan in Julau; Sebangkoi in Sri Aman; Bintang Daily in Meradong; Jalan Pengiran in Matu; Tabong in Bau; Bedayan in Serian; Bukit Sekubong in Sebauh as well as Bah Sayap, Rakut and Jelita in Miri.

Meanwhile, , Sarawak reported two Covid-19 fatalities and 199 new cases with Sibu topping the list of daily infections at 126 cases followed by Kapit (15), Sri Aman and Bintulu (13 each), Kuching (7), Miri (6), Dalat and Kanowit (5 each), Meradong (4), Subis (2) and one each in Samarahan, Serian and Beluru. 

This thus increased the State tally of positive cases to 7,624 and death toll to 69. — DayakDaily