Pasai and subcluster continue rampage with new cases

Covid-19 ... Clusters cause spike in cases.

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, Feb 22: The Pasai Cluster has yet to abate with six more Covid-19 cases emerging.

At the same time, its subcluster the Tangap Cluster has also witnessed two additional cases of Covid-19 today.

According to a press statement from the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), there were six new cases from the Pasai Cluster with three cases in Sibu, one case in Kanowit and two cases contributed by its subcluster in Subis.

The additional six cases have increased the number of infections for the cluster to 2,646 positive cases.

A total of 38,500 individuals have been screened for Covid-19 with 35,555 tested negative and 299 individuals are still awaiting the results of their Covid-19 swab test.

As for its subcluster, the Tangap Cluster, the two new infections have upped the number of Covid-19 cases for the cluster to 103 cases.

A total of 338 individuals for the cluster have been screened while 235 individuals tested negative and none awaiting results for Covid-19 swab test.

To recall, the Tangap sub-cluster involved construction workers at a temporary construction site in Subis, Miri.

The index case for the cluster was an individual who developed symptoms on Jan 31 and was identified following a Covid-19 screening.

It was discovered that the index case had a history of travelling to Song and was a close contact to the third generation of the Pasai Cluster. — DayakDaily