Old folks’ homes at heart of Jalan Stampin Cluster, Iris Garden Cluster with 26 cases

Covid-19 (File photo)

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, June 17: Two elderly care centres, one located at Jalan Stampin and another at Iris Garden here have sparked two new clusters of Covid-19 with a total of 26 new cases.

There was also one death reported.

According to a report from the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), the Jalan Stampin Cluster and the Iris Garden Cluster are two new clusters which involve old folks’ homes.

For the Iris Garden Cluster, the cluster was triggered following close contact among the occupants of the centre.

At present, a total of 31 individuals related to the cluster have been screened for Covid-19.

Out of that number, eight individuals have been tested positive including one death while the balance of 23 individuals were tested negative.

All the Covid-19 patients have been admitted to Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) and also to Covid-19 quarantine and low-risk treatment centres for isolation and further treatment.

As for the Jalan Stampin Cluster, there were 18 occupants of the centre who were tested positive out of the 46 individuals screened for Covid-19.

Nonetheless, there were no death cases for the cluster while all the Covid-19 patients have been admitted to SGH for treatment.

The Jalan Stampin Cluster and the Iris Garden Cluster are among six new clusters of Covid-19 identified by the State Health Department today.

The other new clusters are Kampung Serikin Cluster in Bau, Sawai Niah Cluster in Subis, Jalan Kidurong Empat Cluster in Bintulu and the Jalan Keruing Cluster in Kuching.

The Jalan Keruing Cluster is a workplace cluster identified from a business premises at Jalan Keruing in Sejingkat.

It was triggered by social movement and close contact at the workplace which later spread to family members and social contact of the index case.

A total of 11 individuals were tested positive out of the 28 individuals screened for Covid-19.

On another note, there were two clusters that ended after reporting zero cases in the past 28 days.

They are the Bungey Cluster in Betong and Jalan Sawit Cluster in Sarikei.

With six new clusters and two clusters ended, there are still a total of 92 active clusters of Covid-19 in Sarawak.

Out of the 92 active clusters, 16 active clusters reported 96 new cases while the balance of 74 active clusters did not report any new cases. — DayakDaily