No total lockdown in Sibu Jaya, just MCO

Sibu Jaya as seen in this screen shot from Google Maps.

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, Feb 1: Sibu Jaya is not under a total lockdown but Movement Order Control (MCO) like the rest of Sibu District.

Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) chairman Sempurai Petrus Ngelai told DayakDaily that there has been a misunderstanding among Sibu Jaya residents that the township is under a total lockdown like that in Pasai Siong, causing panic among the said residents.

“There is no total lockdown in Sibu Jaya like Pasai Siong. We are only carrying out movement control by restricting the movement of the people.

“The residents within the town itself can still carry on with essential activities,” said Petrus.

He said the restricted movement involved strict control over the entry of outsiders and the exit of Sibu Jaya residents from the area.

“Those who have the police permits may still go to work. The locals can still do their essential goods shopping at local supermarkets and shops which are still open. Only two are allowed in a vehicle.

“Outsiders however, are not allowed to come to Sibu Jaya. There are longhouse folks living in rural Sibu who would come to Sibu Jaya to shop and usually, after their shopping, they will visit their relatives in Sibu Jaya before going back to their longhouses. We don’t want them to come and bring the virus back to their longhouses,” said Petrus.

Road blocks will be set up at main entrance to Sibu Jaya at Jalan Sibu-Durin from 2.30 pm starting today (Feb 1, 2021) to control the spread of Coronavirus.

To control movement, he said, only one access road to Sibu Jaya will be open while the other two will be closed from 2.30 pm today.

There are three roads leading to Sibu Jaya. Two of them are feeder roads while the main road connects the satellite town to other parts of Sibu through the Sibu-Durin Road.

Of the three roads, only the Sibu-Durin Road will be opened and it will be monitored by the police. — DayakDaily