New NGO “The Sarawak Initiatives” aims to tackle issues faced by Sarawak

The TSI committee member in a group photo.

KUCHING, Feb 28: A new civil society called The Sarawak Initiatives (TSI), which aims to pursue issues facing Sarawakians to achieve a better Sarawak for all Sarawakians, has recently been formed.

In its inaugural meeting on Feb 22, former diplomat Datuk John Tenewi was elected the chairman while Sidi Munan, the deputy chairman.

The other officer bearers include Ir Goh Leng Yeu as secretary and Datu Ir Mohidden Ishak (treasurer) while Prof Dr Hamsawi Sani, Ratanah Devi Perumal, Margaret Bedus, Paul Raja, and Dr Paul Tulik Peter Raig were elected as committee members.

In a media release, TSI stated that their objective was to promote and help Sarawakians attain a high level and standard of education, create a peaceful and harmonious living environment, cultivate good values and integrity, create a unique Sarawak identity based on Sarawak cultural diversities and create a healthy economy.

“The world is advancing in such speed that if we do not keep up to the pace, we will be in danger of being left behind.

“If we do not act now, future generations will not be able to compete globally and would have to be contented to live an inferior life as compared to the people from the more advanced world,” it said.

With vast natural resources and bright minds of Sarawakians, TSI highlighted that there was absolutely no reason why Sarawakians were deprived of one of the best education systems and one of the best possible economies in the world.

“TSI believes Sarawakians can do it with great success and the only thing preventing us from these goals is the right foundations that have not been put in place for us to make progress.

“As such, TSI would like to lay down the foundations and pursue them vigorously to achieve a better Sarawak for all Sarawakians,” it added.

With that in mind, TSI has set up five bureaus to promote the five objectives namely Education Bureau, Living Environment Bureau, Values & Integrity Bureau, A Sarawak Identity Bureau and Economics Bureau.

TSI is planning to hold seminars focusing on ‘Education in the 21st Century’ and ‘A Sarawak Identity’ as well as an international conference on human rights this year. — DayakDaily