National Malaya-Borneo Veterans Association of Australia seeks continuation of legacy through family involvement

Rosenzweig speaking to reporters during the commemoration service anniversary.

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KUCHING, Sept 1: Paul Rosenzweig, President of the South Australia & Northern Territory Branch of the National Malaya-Borneo Veterans Association of Australia, expressed his hope that more family members of veterans would join the association to carry on their legacy.

Rosenzweig noted that many veterans within the association are now elderly and frail, making it difficult for them to participate in events and visits.

He emphasised that their veterans, most of whom are in their eighties and mid-eighties, have found it increasingly challenging to move around.

“We have been here in Kuching several times, and these veterans are now in their eighties and mid-eighties. They are getting more frail, and it is harder for them to move around,” he told reporters.

Rosenzweig’s remarks came during the commemoration service anniversary of the Liberation of Batu Lintang POW camp and in memory of Brigadier Tom Estick DSO, Commander Kuching Force, held at Batu Lintang Memorial Square.

Rosenzweig is standing (fifth right) with the association’s veterans and family members posing for the camera during the commemoration service anniversary today.

He expressed concerns that on their next pilgrimage to Sarawak, many veterans may be unable to participate due to their health.

“We are prepared for that, so for this visit, our veterans have brought their sons, daughters, and grandchildren. They will be the next generation to come here and continue maintaining that legacy,” Rosenzweig explained.

Rosenzweig, a retired Major with 32 years of military service, including a deployment in East Timor, emphasized that this visit would not be the association’s last.

He hoped that more individuals from the region, including East Timor, would join the association to ensure its continuity.

Rosenzweig also revealed a plan to unveil another plaque at Sarawak Heroes Memorial Park. He mentioned that if the plan proceeds, a small group of veterans would return next year.

Additionally, there are plans for a larger commemoration in 2026, marking the 60th anniversary of the end of the confrontation between Indonesia and Malaysia, with a larger group of family members participating to carry forward the legacies of the veterans. — DayakDaily