Nanta leads media personnel from across Malaysia to Kapit to showcase diversity, devt

Nanta is seen giving a thumbs-up and posing with members of the media who were part of the trip. Photo credit: Alexander Nanta Linggi/Facebook

By DayakDaily Team

KUCHING, May 16: Federal Minister of Works Dato Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi has recently led a group of 10 media practitioners from Peninsular Malaysia, Sibu, and Kuching to his Kapit constituency to gain a better understanding of the area.

Nanta, who also serves as Kapit Member of Parliament (MP), stated that the tour was held in conjunction with the National Journalists’ Day (Hawana) celebration, which will be hosted by Sarawak on May 29.


“If you want to get to know Kapit, you must visit and experience firsthand the multiethnic, multireligious, and multicultural community.

“Of course, four days and three nights are insufficient to get to know Kapit Division, which is the size of the state of Pahang, but I hope my media friends from the peninsula get a sense of the diversity and harmony in the people’s lives here.

“In addition to witnessing the pre-Gawai celebrations and the uniqueness of Kapit town, the media group was also taken to the Nanga Engkuah longhouse in Ulu Katibas, Song, Sarawak, which has been designated as ‘Kampung Angkat Madani’ by the Unity government,” he said in a Facebook post.

He also said that the six-hour boat trip would certainly be a new experience for the media practitioners as the village is 50km from Song and only accessible by river.

There are three longhouses in the area—Rumah Assan, Rumah Radiah, and Rumah Albert Lajong—with a total population of approximately 650.

“Of course, there are many plans that have been and will be implemented to improve the quality of life of the residents here.

“Through this Kampung Angkat Madani programme, one of the areas that will be focused on is the construction of a bridge to facilitate access by road, as well as solar street lights.

“Various socioeconomic activities are also being vigorously implemented to improve the living standards of the people here,” said Nanta.

The minister further expressed hope that the media engagement programme would offer valuable exposure to media outlets in Peninsular Malaysia, allowing them to witness and experience the ongoing development in Sarawak’s interior. — DayakDaily