MBKS reduces dog licence fines to RM50 for 13 pet owners following appeals

Wee (right) going through documents with pet owners at MBKS' office on May 16, 2024.

By Karen Bong

KUCHING, May 16: A group of 13 pet owners, who were fined RM500 each for not obtaining licences for their dogs, had their fines reduced to RM50.

Kuching South City Council (MBKS) Mayor Dato Wee Hong Seng made this decision during a meeting with the pet owners following their appeals.


“We understand the compound is a burden given the current economic condition. What MBKS can do is to reduce the compound to RM50 for the first offence,” he said when addressing the dog owners’ concerns in the meeting which was broadcasted live on his social media page today.

However, Wee stated that for the pet owners to be eligible for the fine reduction, they must first provide proof of their dog licensing registrations and anti-rabies vaccinations.

“First, fulfill the necessary compliance procedures by producing proof, and we will issue you with a new compound notice amounting to RM50, which you can settle at the MBKS counter later,” he explained.

Additionally, he also warned pet owners not to repeat the offence, as MBKS will not show leniency for subsequent offences.

“As pet owners, it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with the anti-rabies law, including annual vaccination and licensing. This is crucial not only for public safety but your own and family safety as rabies is not a joke. It can be worse than Covid-19,” he stressed.

For pet owners who have settled the RM500 fines, he explained that they will be reimbursed accordingly after checks on their compliance.

On appeals to reduce the RM1,000 fine for skipping rabies vaccination, Wee advised the pet owners to approach the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) Sarawak as this matter falls outside of MBKS’ authority.

Wee reiterated calls on the public, especially pet owners, to work together in eradicating rabies in Kuching and Sarawak as a whole.

All pet owners are reminded on the importance of adhering to provisions of the Local Authorities (Dog Licensing and Control) By-laws, 2018, which include licensing their dogs, keeping them on a leash while out in public places and ensuring that their dogs are vaccinated. — DayakDaily