NGO: EC can only redraw, redelineate election boundaries, DUS must pass law to increase number of seats


By DayakDaily Team

KUCHING, May 16: Election Commission (EC) can only redraw or redelineate election boundaries but not add new constituencies in its proposal unless Sarawak Legislative Assembly (DUS) passes a law to increase number of seats.

In pointing this out, Rise of Social Efforts (Rose) said the redrawing of electoral boundaries by EC should not be confused with increasing DUS seats.


According to the organisation, whilst the EC is the body tasked with redrawing election boundaries or redelineation for Sarawak, any changes or increases in the number of assemblymen and hence the number of Sarawak constituencies are completely within the power and prerogative of DUS.

“In other words, DUS will need to pass a State law to increase the number of its assemblymen. This was what happened just prior to the last redelineation exercise in Sarawak in 2015,” it said in a statement today.

The organisation said political parties or coalitions like Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) however, are of course free to give their proposals or recommendations to EC on the constituencies that requires redelineation of election boundaries, such as for reasons due to voter population increases over the years and development in particular, and availability of administrative facilities for voting.

It also said that these proposals would most likely include proposals on new constituencies.

“In conjunction with this important electoral milestone of re-delineation due for Sarawak, Rose will be carrying out a campaign to inform and build awareness amongst the members of the public particularly Sarawakian voters on what is redelineation and how affected voters can participate in this democratic process.

“Infographics and online content will be shared and roadshows are being planned. We encourage all to follow our socials on Facebook and Instagram account,” it added. — DayakDaily