Much-hyped Gardenia bread not sold in Sarawak, new KPDNHEP Sarawak director clarifies

Matthew (third left) inspecting chicken egg supplies during a walkabout at Farley Mall near Kuching Central here today (Oct 6, 2022).

By Ling Hui

KUCHING, Oct 6: Both the Gardenia Original ‘Classic’ and ‘Klasik’ breads are not sold in the Sarawak market, says new Sarawak Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) director Matthew Dominic Barin.

He said investigations verified that the Gardenia Original Classic breads are manufactured in Shah Alam while the Gardenia Original Klasik breads are made in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The viral post on social media claiming that Gardenia breads are now available in Sarawak is therefore untrue, he clarified.

“Sarawak KPDNHEP has mobilised a total of 173 enforcement officers to inspect and monitor business premises throughout Sarawak and found no sales of any Gardenia breads as alleged on social media,” he said.

Meanwhile, Matthew also stressed that there is no shortage of basic goods such as eggs, cooking oil, chicken and vegetables in local markets.

With the Deepavali celebration around the corner this month, he assured that commodity supplies are sufficient and easily available.

“Including Farley Mall, we find that the basic supplies like eggs, sugar and flour are enough in supermarkets and shops in Sarawak,” he told reporters after a routine walkabout at Farley Mall near Kuching Central here today.

Matthew (second right) and Lau (first right) on a walkabout around Farley Mall supermarket near Kuching Central here today (Oct 6, 2022).

Accompanying Matthew were Sarawak KPDNHEP chief enforcement officer Peter J Berinus Agang and Farley Group director Eijing Lau.

Matthew, a Sarawakian from Bau, took over as Sarawak KPDNHEP director from his predecessor Dato Stanley Tan officially on Oct 1, 2022. — DayakDaily