Missing seven-year-old feared drown

Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia/ Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia logo

SIBU, Aug 25: A search and rescue (SAR) team from the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Malaysia here is searching for seven-year-old Julia Purnama who is feared to have drowned in the Rejang River this morning.

According to an update from Bomba, prior to the incident, Julia and her 10-year-old cousin were taking their bath by the river, accompanied by her father.

In the incident, Julia’s father managed to save her cousin but was unable to pull her out of the river. The boy was later brought to a clinic for further medical care.

The SAR team who were despatched to the location after receiving a distress call earlier, later searched the vicinity for the missing girl with water surface searching methods, ropes and grappling iron equipment.

The team search the river to a depth of as deep as 100 feet and also searched along the river bank.

As of press time, the girl is still missing and search operations are still being carried out. — DayakDaily