Meradong rep: MPKKP is Pakatan’s ill intention to manipulate rural folks

Datuk Ding Kuong Hiing

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By Karen Bong

KUCHING, Nov 6: The introduction of the Federal Village Community Management Council (MPKKP) is an ill intention by the Pakatan Harapan federal government to manipulate the rural people for political aims.

Meradong assemblyman Datuk Ding Kuong Hiing said Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng can argue all he wants on the describing the role of the MPKKP.

The “wickedness” of such initiative could not be denied, he opined.

“One can foresee the many untoward incidents or worst, the breaking up of longhouses (community) will occur due to the formation of MPKKP and the Pakatan government must be held responsible for all such consequences,” he claimed in the august House when debating the Supply 2020 Bill today.

Ding reminded that the Village Development and Security Committees (JKKKs) have been in existence in Sarawak for many years and have performed their roles and duties with flying colours to ensure the safety, unity and prosperity of villages and longhouses.

“When Pakatan took over the federal government, they refused to use JKKK, citing that the organisations are with political interference under the previous government and instead, come up with the MPPPK, which turned out to be the most politically motivated organisation ever known,” he opined.

Ding alleged that all AJK (committee members) of the MPKKP must be members of Pakatan component parties and they were all appointed, whereas the AJK of JKKK were chosen through democratic elections.

He also expressed disappointment that Petronas has failed to pay the sales tax on petroleum products levied by Sarawak government, whereas all other petroleum companies have complied.

“Instead, Petronas and the federal government are trying to justify their non payment by generalising that the Federal List cover matters pertaining to ‘petroleum products’, hence it is out of bound for the states to legislate and impose tax on,” he said.

Ding added that Article 95B (3) of the Constitution provided for the states of Sabah and Sarawak to make laws for imposing sales taxes, whereas the 10th Schedule Part V of the Federal Constitution assigned Sabah and Sarawak additional sources of revenue not available to other states in Malaysia.

Ding urged the Sarawak government to take appropriate actions to ensure Petronas pays up the sales tax like all other petroleum companies did, as the extra revenue collected every year will ensure a sustainable rural development programme throughout Sarawak for many years to come. — DayakDaily