MBKS mayor invited to visit SRS to inspect drainage problem

The poor condition of the drain at Lorong 28 of the Stampin Resettlement Scheme.

KUCHING, Aug 26: Sarawak DAP invites MBKS Mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng to visit and inspect together the drainage issue along Lorong 28 of the Stampin Resettlement Scheme which has caused flash floods and soil erosion.

Sarawak Democratic Action Party (DAP) chairman Chong Chieng Jen’s special assistant Michael Kong emphasised that with that initiative, Sarawak DAP together with Kuching South City Council (MBKS) can better understand the situation and then explore the steps which could be taken to resolve the issue expediently.

“We have since written to MBKS to invite Datuk Wee Hong Seng to visit the affected area together with the representatives from DAP,” he revealed in a media release today.

Kong explained that there were two drains running parallel to Lorong 28 with one drain positioned just next to a row of houses whereas the other drain was situated next to an empty plot of land.

“Lot 5721 is the first house positioned next to the first drain and frequently faces flash floods. As a result, flooding has become more frequent lately after an HDPE flap gate was installed at the second drain.

“The flash flood coupled with the non-existence of a retaining wall and/or concrete drainage has also caused the land on which Lot 5721 sits on to slowly erode. Due to this, the main road of Jalan Stampin Baru is now approximately six inches higher than the car porch of Lot 5721. If this is to continue, we may see the road eroding further,” he added.

The HDPE flap gate installed in the drain.

Kong revealed that upon learning of the issue on July 15, Sarawak DAP wrote to MBKS on July 30 to which the council replied explaining that the device was among requirements for flood mitigation for the Stampin Resettlement Scheme.

“Despite the purpose of the flap gate, it does not negate that there is an adverse impact on the neighbouring houses.

“The soil around the HDPE flap gate seems to be eroding as well and this could also affect the stability of the road which could endanger road users particularly the residents of Lorong 28, Lorong 30 and Stutong Heights Apartments,” he added. — DayakDaily