‘One year on battling Covid-19, we have achieved a good measure of success’

KUCHING, Jan 28: One year on since the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) led Sarawak’s fight against Covid-19, they have remained steadfast in their course even after a full year of battling the global virus menace.

As such, Kuching South City Council (MBKS) Mayor Dato Wee Hong Seng called on every citizen to shoulder this responsibility together so that the hard work and sacrifices of SDMC and all frontline workers will not be in vain.

“Without your (SDMC and frontline workers) sacrifices, we wouldn’t have survived this fighting this pandemic in the first place.

“Therefore, it becomes the duty of every citizen to lighten their burden the best we can. Let us not take SDMC and frontline workers’ sacrifices for granted.

“A single step of carelessness might trigger the harshest of consequences and undo all the good works Sarawak has achieved thus far,” he reminded in a statement today.

Wee pointed out that it was through SDMC vigilance and hard work that Sarawak achieved the best performance in managing this pandemic.

“Exactly this day last year, SDMC was tasked to undertake the single most important role in safeguarding Sarawak’s well being and since then, SDMC had maintained a high level of efficiency and efficacy in executing their responsibilities.

“SDMC has always been a step ahead, and thanks to their remarkable foresight and efficiently manoeuvring resources, we outperformed every state in the country,” he said in extending heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to SDMC and frontline workers on behalf of MBKS.

Throughout the past year, Wee noted that SDMC and the Sarawak government have made significant milestones with various initiatives implemented including round-the-clock task forces, i-Alert, COVIDTrace, Qmunity Tracing app and so much more in the fight against Covid-19.

“As we extend our best wishes to SDMC and our frontline workers, we must continue to be more diligent in observing the SOP (standard operating procedures).

“That is the least we can do to honour our frontline workers, especially those in the SDMC. Happy Anniversary SDMC. We are all behind you. Thank you,” he added. — DayakDaily