Lorry driver thanks lucky stars after self-accident along Tun Abdul Rahman Ya’kub

Two motorists trying to pull Ah Seng out from his lorry

By Peter Sibon

KUCHING, Apr 18: A 40-year-old lorry driver thanked his lucky stars for escaping unscathed when he lost control of his 5-tonne lorry during a heavy rainstorm at about 11.15 am along Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman Ya’kub, Petra Jaya.

The man who only identified himself as Ah Seng said he was driving between 50-60km when he lost control of his lorry just before reaching a round-about nearby.

“I was driving between 50-60km per hour when I lost control. It was raining and the road was very slippery. Luckily, I’m okay and the lorry is intact,” Ah Seng told DayakDaily at the scene.

Soon after the accident happened a few motorists stopped by to check and pulled Ah Seng out of his lorry.

Later on, he was consoled by the motorists who asked him if he needed help.

One of them even asked him to sit down and relax as he obviously looked shaken and shocked.

Ah Seng preferred to light a cigarette and soon after was seen checking the condition of his 5-tonne lorry.

According to him, he was about to return home after sending his cargo. —DayakDaily

Moments after Ah Seng escaped from the cabin of his lorry which had landed on its right side after the accident along Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman Ya’kub this morning.
Ah Seng in seen inspecting the lorry soon after he had his cigarette.