Kota Sentosa rep pledges further funding for additional parking, repairs for 7th Mile Basketball Mini Stadium

Yap (front row, fifth right) hands over the MRP cheque to Lai during the opening ceremony of the Yap Yau Sin Cup Under 20 Basketball Competition.

KUCHING, Dec 4: Kota Sentosa assemblyman Wilfred Yap Yau Sin has pledged to continue providing funds for further upgrading works to the 7th Mile Basketball Mini Stadium.

According to a press release issued by Yap today, the next phase will include the construction of more car parks for the convenience of participants and spectators and the repair of the mini stadium’s ceiling and roofing.

During the opening ceremony, Yap presented a RM20,000 Minor Rural Project (MRP) grant to Penghulu Lai Boon Khee, the organising chairman of the Yap Yau Sin Cup Under 20 Basketball Competition.

“Nowadays, obesity and other fitness issues are the biggest cause of illnesses in our country. By playing basketball, we can control our weight and stay fit because we can burn calories on the basketball court.

“As I said before, basketball is not just a game; it is an effective way of fighting stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Many people do not want to play basketball because they think they are not champions. I would like to say that playing basketball does not necessarily mean you are a champion. Just play basketball at your leisure; you will feel the difference for yourself,” said Yap at the event, as quoted in the press release.

He went on to encourage young Sarawakians to embrace the State’s diversity of ethnicity, religion, and beliefs.

“By being inclusive, building mutual respect and acceptance, the foundation of trust and cohesiveness will strengthen.

“When this happens, people will always be proud to identify themselves as ‘anak Sarawak’ and less by race, religion, geography, or socio-economic background.

“This is what we call ‘Unity in Diversity’, which is an essential ingredient for Sarawak to achieve developed status by 2030, where every ‘anak Sarawak’ will share this economic prosperity,” he remarked.

Also present to support the event were Kapitan Wong Ka Chuang, Kapitan Lee Tho Fung, and Kapitan Chai Yong Liang. — DayakDaily