Beware of eMadani credit’s cash redemption, transfer scam

Claim your RM100 eMadani credit from Dec 4, 2023 to Feb 29, 2024.

KUCHING, Dec 4: The Malaysian Ministry of Finance (MoF) has advised members of the public not to fall victim to scams offering services to redeem (cash out) or transfer credit via ‘peer-to-peer’.

eMadani refers to the aid worth RM100 credited into eligible Malaysians’ accounts via four types of e-wallets or mobile banking apps namely, Touch ‘n Go (TNG) eWallet, ShopeePay, Setel and MAE by Maybank2u (MAE) app.

In a statement today, the ministry stressed that the eMadani was introduced to encourage the digital economy and nurture a cashless payment culture.

“Therefore, eMadani credit cannot be used for ‘peer-to-peer’ transfer or ‘cash out’.

“It can only be used for physical purchase through participating e-wallets, namely MAE, Setel, ShopeePay and TNG or QR DuitNow at 1.8 million premises nationwide,” it said.

The ministry further advised the public to be cautious against irresponsible and unscrupulous parties on social media platforms offering non-existent ‘cash out’ or ‘peer-to-peer’ credit transfer services, which could lead to the eMadani recipients losing their credit.

“The Finance Ministry will not be held responsible if there are any credit losses due to ‘peer-to-peer’ transfers or cash redemption.

“The government will take stern action, including blocking accounts involved and stripping the credit rights of eMadani recipients if there are reports of any cases involving the fraud services,” it added.

Registration for the eMadani programme is open from today until Feb 29, 2024, and it will benefit as many as 10 million adult citizens who qualify, encompassing those in the B40 and M40 groups.

Members of the public can obtain further information regarding the eMadani programme by logging on to — DayakDaily