Keep “nasty” politics out of Sarawak, says PBB info chief

Dato Idris Buang

KUCHING, Feb 18: Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) information chief Datuk Idris Buang holds that Sarawakians do not wish the prevailing tranquility and feel-good ambience of the state to be “trampled” by the “political virus” prevalent in Peninsular Malaysian politics.

He said certain Sarawakian politicians behaved as if they had caught the virus as shown by the nasty politics spreading in social media.

“We have been fed enough with daily doses of the ‘nasty’ kind of politics and political culture in Malaya, and many consider such nasty culture as a kind of ‘virus’ which should not be spread easily to Sarawak.

“Even now and then, we could see that there are members of the Malayan-based parties who have been openly keen in bringing and stirring outrageous sentiments, trying to arouse instability using racial tones as if showing that they have already contracted the political virus or embraced the nasty political culture.

“Clearly, there have been several postings in the social media made by these insensitive and callous politicians and their friends in the recent weeks and months, made without regard to the need for everyone to preserve the long established state of harmony and stability.

“I do not wish to mention names but we could easily find them out on Facebook or the Internet.

“It is therefore high time for the majority of Sarawakians to put our foot down against such egregious efforts of unscrupulous politicians who have been influenced and have the support from across the South China Sea.

“We cannot afford any kind of racial stirs or political instability in this state,” said Idris who is also Muara Tuang assemblyman in a statement today.

He believed that only Sarawakians truly upheld Sarawak’s rights and interests and the present racial, religious and political harmony that Sarawakians have been enjoying should continue to be preserved and strengthened.

“The late Tok Nan had always reminded us and also our Right Honourable Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Jo has been upholding that same principle that Sarawakians can fight for Sarawak’s interests better because we know our state better and we know its needs and challenges better.

“We have been extremely blessed that our state leaders have been consistent and astute in religiously guarding Sarawak’s political stability from certain people from outside.

“Our beloved Chief Minister YAB Abang Jo, and all our multiracial leaders in GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) State Government have been nurturing all the right values of mutual tolerance, respect and understanding for all of us to uphold and appreciate through their exemplary and firm leadership.

“Their efforts should be applauded and continuously supported to the fullest in order to ensure that our beloved State is always blessed with racial harmony and political stability,” said Idris.—DayakDaily