Kayan man fights off crocodile in Marudi

Marudi firemen carrying the injured Christopher on a stretcher at the jetty. He was later taken to Marudi clinic.

By Brad Rantayy

MARUDI, June 1: A 31-year-old man from Kuala Tutoh experienced a terrifying ordeal on the first day of Gawai Dayak when he was attacked by a crocodile while out fishing in the wee hours today.

Fortunately, victim Christopher Jau Lihan, a Kayan, managed to fight off the attack and quickly swam to the riverbank. His wife, who was earlier seated at a nearby hut, rushed to the village screaming for help when she saw what had happened to her husband.

It is not known how Christopher managed to free himself from the jaws of death when the armour-plated creature lunged out of the river near Kuala Tutoh village and dragged him underwater.

Christopher reportedly suffered leg injuries and to the right side of his body following the attack and is now being treated at Marudi clinic.

According to Miri Zone 6 fire chief Supt Law Poh Kiong, his men received the distress signal at 1.57am from the Marudi boat jetty. A team was immediately dispatched to the scene.

“The victim was bleeding heavily when he reached the jetty, and his face was pale,” related Law.

Kuala Tutoh is about an hour’s ride by express boat from Marudi. — DayakDaily