Internet access issues in Ulu Simunjan rectified

Villagers are all smiles after internet access was successfully restored.

KUCHING, Dec 10: Folks of Kampung Sungai Semabang and villages in the surrounding areas in Ulu Simunjan thanked Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) and a telecommunication service provider for their prompt action in rectifying the telco tower located in the vicinity of the village.

A spokesman who preferred anonymity said the internet service used to be strong in the area until about two weeks ago.

“Two weeks ago, some technicians came and did something to the dishes and now we have very poor internet service and connectivity, and making even phone calls difficult,” he said when interviewed by SMA’s Nuju Digital today.

Acting on the complaint, both SMA and the telco concerned have investigated the cause of the poor internet connection and found out that the main cause was faulty cables on the tower.

He stressed that the internet and communication service has greatly benefited the local community in their daily lives.

“Now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, students, teachers and even farmers all depend on the internet to carry on with their lives.

“So, just imagine, when we have no internet service, our lives would be very miserable,” he added.

There are about 200 houses in Kampung Sungai Semabang and the villages nearby, with a population of about 700 people.— DayakDaily